To Day!

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Designed for iOS 7
Fast easy and intuitive.
The new alarm clock that takes full advantage of iOS 7.
The whole design has been designed to make “To Day” the most simple and intuitive alarm clock, basing the control on the Gesture.
Move the time that appears on the screen to set your alarm clock. Dynamic graphics with colors that reproduce the light of day from sunrise to sunset to the constellations of the night sky.
In addition, “To Day” is careful to save your battery energy, in fact it is possible to lock the screen after you activate your alarm clock but “To Day”remain equally active.
Simplicity is the main thing, in fact just a touch to set how often you want the alarm to repeat, and the sound will give you a good morning.
If you want to sleep more than 5 minutes you can activate the “Snooze” feature that will automatically reset the parameters you have chosen.
If you are a heavy sleeper you “Strong Mode”” or you if you want a sweet awakening you can choose “Soft Mode”.
Intuitiveness and speed are the basis for the design of To Day, with only 2 moves can set the alarm
1. Move the time
2.Swipe to the right to activate it.
Each element of the interface is designed for semplicity.
Key Features:
• Simple and precise
• Animated graphics and dynamic
• It also works with the device locked
• Interface Flat and essential
• Battery Save Mode
• Mode “Snooze”
• Clock Mode FullScreen
“To Day” also turns into a clock showing you the correct time by turning off the screen as soon as you fall asleep.
Sweet dreams and Good Morning To Day!



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